Momentum One VA

2021-2022 Registration Steps and Additional Info


15U-18U Registration

Registration is now open.  Please click on the link below and fill out the form.  Once you have registered your athlete(s), we will email you next steps to complete through the Puget Sound Region Volleyball Organization that our Academy is a part of.  There are forms that you will need to fill out online, print, and bring to tryouts in order to participate in tryouts.




After you register with Momentum One, please read the links below and follow the steps to register with USA Volleyball/Puget Sound Region Volleyball.

  1. FIRST YOU MUST CREATE YOUR PARENT SPORTS ENGINE ACCOUNT.  Please watch this video and create your SportsEngine account by phone app or online from your computer.  The app comes in real handy, so consider using the app as it is also used for team chats, schedules, updates and more.  That link on how to create the parent account is here Video to Create Your Parent SportsEngine Account.

    Your first step is to have a parent/guardian create a household account using parent’s information. Then, add each of your children/players as necessary. You may have already created a SE account, as some of our PSR clubs have used this system in the past. Or there are other sports organizations that also use the SE platform. Once you get yourself successfully logged in, you can purchase your child’s USAV membership.

    Some members may get an error message when attempting to buy a membership saying “You must be 18 or older to buy a membership” or that a “parent or guardian must buy this membership.”  To remedy this situation, please see the document below if it applies to you: Error Messages in SportsEngine on Account. For technical assistance with your SportsEngine account, send an e-mail to

  2. NOW YOU MUST SIGN UP AND PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP WITH PSR (Puget Sound Region Volleyball and USAV).  Feel free to watch this video about how to purchase membership from any volleyball region.  In this video, they use the Midwest Region of the US as the example, but for us it will be the Puget Sound Region, or PSR. You will purchase this membership after you have already created your SportsEngine Parent Account.  This is just an informational video that can be found here Video on Understanding Membership Fees .  After watching that, you can read this article Purchase your PSRVB Membership  on what you need to do next.  You will go to this PSR website here, and then you will scroll down the page until you see on the left hand side “STEP #1 JUNIOR TRYOUT ONLY”.  Click on that link and it will then redirect to your SportsEngine Account you just created. PSRVB Membership Page For Tryouts
  3. Once you have paid for and registered with USAV/PSR for your athlete’s account, you will be able to sign in to USAV or into SportsEngine and then go and click on the menu option for “Household” and see you player there and their USAV/Region card/account info.  There is there membership ID/card for your athlete with their name, membership number and more.  Please bring a copy of that to tryouts as we must have that physically on file.
  4. Both parents and the athlete will need to also fill out the next three forms below and bring them to tryout as well.  Those forms can be found below: CONCUSSION AND CARDIAC ARREST FORM:
  5. Both parents and the athlete will need to also fill out some forms and bring them to tryout as well.  Those forms can be found below: USAV WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY:
  6. Both parents and the athlete will need to also fill out some forms and bring them to tryout as well.  Those forms can be found below: PARTICIPATION AND MEDICAL: PARTICIPATON AND MEDICAL FORMS