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We help build passion and purpose, driving momentum within each athlete to be successful both on the Court and Beyond.

Momentum One Volleyball Academy is focused on developing the complete volleyball athlete from the Olympic Peninsula and structuring trainings so that each athlete will become exposed to multiple facets of the game through mind, body and soul.

While athletes may have defined positions at practice and competitions on the court, they will have the opportunity to train and develop an understanding of how their position plays into the network of all team positions to create synergy and momentum.

We believe that the more well-rounded and complete the athlete can become, the more successful the athlete can become both on the court and off. By putting in the hard work and dedication desired, positive results will naturally come through.

Momentum One Volleyball Academy has directors and coaches who are energetic and passionate about this sport and dedicated to training and developing athletes during the school volleyball “off season” who play in middle school and high school volleyball competitively across the Olympic Peninsula.

Our directors and coaches have played middle school, high school, club and collegiate volleyball and have been coaching and mentoring young athletes in volleyball and other sports for 5-20 years.

Momentum One Volleyball Academy understands the year-round sports cycle of school and club sports that many athletes participate in so that they may improve and continue to be competitive at the highest level possible. 

Our communities here on the Olympic Peninsula are small and full of great talent, having many multi-sport athletes playing and committing to more than one sport at one time. 

With that being said, this can be difficult on both the athletes and families as they choose to commit to these activities over the course of a year, and our goal is to keep our academy season a little bit shorter than most clubs/academies across the state to allow for more participation in other sports if that is desired by some.

We are a select team dedicated to training hard, making gains, and showing each athlete how to reach their potential and push to move beyond.

Committing to a select and traveling club/academy is nothing new on the North Olympic Peninsula, as many athletes and families do this from elementary school all the way up through high school in order to gain experience and and improve their competitive edge for their personal and professional development.

Our coaches have been on both sides of the spectrum with coaching for a clubs/academies and having our children play both local and many hours away for volleyball and softball for example.  Cost is a big factor in the decisions being made and sacrifices made by many and so Momentum One works hard to keep costs down and reasonable considering the months of engagement required and travel to compete.

Low tuition compared to the standard tuition and fees seen across the state or country while allowing for coaching and competitive training and play is a balancing act and will vary from year to year as this non-profit organization grows.

As we grow as a non-profit organization, we are working towards the ability, when available, to offer partial or full needs-based financial assistance to ensure that participation is available to qualified athletes.

Momentum One is located on the North Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, Washington and we offer an opportunity for local athletes to train and play competitive volleyball in the school off-season. In fact, what makes this so great is that select volleyball and training can be achieved by local athletes in most cases without having to drive 2-5 hours a day round trip, three times a week, spending more time on the road than in the actual gym to play club volleyball. We understand this because we have been there and done that.

“Enthusiasm is the energy and force that builds literal momentum of the human soul and mind.” — Bryant H. McGill

Momentum One Volleyball Academy is committed to providing a competitive girls youth volleyball program, serving athletes, parents, and the community as a whole across the Olympic Peninsula.  We do this through our commitment to excellence by uniting positive, passionate and committed skilled coaches with positive, passionate and committed athletes and their supportive family members.

Momentum One Volleyball Academy was created for the purpose of providing a competitive environment that encourages a positive girls youth volleyball academic and technical experience for each person involved.  This is accomplished in the academy by focusing on the values of character, respect, integrity, leadership, responsibility, sportsmanship, team-first attitude, self-esteem, and mental toughness.  From practices to league play and tournaments, our participation and accomplishments will reflect this philosophy.

1. To develop interest and encourage participation in the competitive sport of volleyball for girls starting middle school up through seniors in high school.
2. To continuously develop individuals with proper volleyball mechanics and techniques in all skill areas of the game.
3. To teach players how to use the power of enthusiasm and passion to create the momentum they need to create and build up to be successful both on and off the court.
4. To teach the values of character, respect, integrity, leadership, sportsmanship, team-first attitude, self-esteem, and mental toughness.
5. To strive for continuous team improvement through the season with weekly training and team building efforts.
6. To assist players in laying the groundwork for making good choices to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle with nutrition and training.
7. To provide maximum exposure, training and a level of competition for all athletes interested and preparing to play volleyball at the college level.

Momentum One Volleyball Academy is a registered non-profit organization in the State of Washington and we are providing the opportunity for athletes and families to play competitive organized volleyball without paying the high prices traditionally seen.

As a registered non-profit, we can fund raise, receive donations, and seek out local community sponsors who would like to see the girls youth volleyball scene grow stronger and support their growth in school events through our training and development.