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Check out our most frequently asked questions by athletes and parents. We hope you will find these answers helpful in understanding the life and cycle of club volleyball and our academy.

ANSWER:  There are a number of benefits to playing academy volleyball, including improving and maximizing an athlete’s individual and team volleyball skills with the guidance of experienced coaches. 

There is also the opportunity to learn about the sport of volleyball in a technical and constructive environment.  Being able to observe and demonstrate real-world competencies such as effort, self-discipline, teamwork, handling challenges, learning to compete, and more are a vital part of growing up.  Let’s not forget that making new friends and life-long connections and memories with other athletes and coaches is awesome.

For many current and future athletes, that means that they may be looking to  experience the opportunity to better prepare themselves as volleyball players.  Competitive athletics is a way to do that and they can get an early start with Momentum One Volleyball Academy.

ANSWER: Tryouts for all girls will be held in the Fall each year.  For girls U14/14U & under, it is usually in October.  For U15/15U & older it is usually in November.  Check out our website page on tryouts for exact dates this year.

ANSWER: Momentum One plans to carry anywhere from 2 – 4 total each year.  Depending on tryout attendance and other factors, we will usually field one team per certain age group of  approximately 9-12 players.

ANSWER: The season usually starts up with practices in early November for the younger group of U14/14U & under and then move into tournaments and league play in December/January through April.  U15/15U & older will start practices in December and then follow a similar schedule to what the younger group does.

ANSWER:  Of course!  We understand that reality here on the Olympic Peninsula, and we welcome multi-sport athletes and encourage cross training to the full extent possible.

With that said, we do want to make sure both athletes and parents understand the commitment level associated before committing to this team or any team, as we are sure the expectations would be similar.

We ask our athletes and parents to communicate with their coaches regularly and especially with regards to their schedule for practices, league play and tournaments so that there is regular attendance.We ask our athletes and 

All academy teams practice 2-3 times a week and compete in tournaments around 1-2 times a month give or take. All practices are local and we expect regular attendance to practices from all Momentum One athletes.